Q-Reel EV Charger ( Free EU Shipping )

Q-Reel EV Charger ( Free EU Shipping )


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Start your EV charging experience at an all-in price that may surprise you.

Turn up the Speed

When your Q-Reel arrives, it's ready to start charging approx. 200 km per night instantly from your wall socket. However, should you require 7x more speed, one call to your certified electrician will do the trick.

Worldwide Compatibility

Most used plug types throughout the continents are:
- USA type I & Tesla
- Europe type II
- Asia type III

Choose Your Own Display

We wouldn't dare call ourselves a 21st century company if we didn't let you design some of your own stuff. We can't wait to see what display suits your company or personality!

Light Display 

Our charging station lights up in the dark. Why not show off a little? Also useful to find your way when you arrive late, leave early and need to see what you’re doing.

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