Q-Reel | Effortless Charging

The smartest charging station for electric vehicles

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Hang & connect

Worldwide compatibility

Effortless charging

Detect & Eject

Q-Reel senses your car is in the area and automatically offers the charging cable.

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Plug in & Charge

You connect the plug to your car. It’s now charging.

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Automatic Unplug & Roll Up

The Q-Reel plug pushes itself out after charging. The cable retracts by itself.

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Ready to go!

Your car is now charged & ready for use.

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Why we started Q-Reel

As electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts, we strongly feel the world could use an upgrade in the way everyone charges their cars, motorcycles and even boats. Less hassle, more comfort.

This is why you’ll love it

Effortless charging

Q-Reel provides you with an effortless charging experience that supports a clutter-free space.

Hang & connect

Our charging station is delivered almost turnkey. Just ask your local professional to install it.

Worldwide compatible

The Q-Reel comes with integrated wall and connector plug suited to your geographical location.

Auto detect

The built-in camera begins the smart charging sequence as it detects your licence plate.

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